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Patni Ki Aarti (English Version)

May you live long wife, the self willed wife
The one who never listens to us, we pray before you dear wife
No one is as powerful as you are in this world
We are so powerless, tell us how should we worship you
You make us cook & wash dishes
You kick us like slaves, we pray before you dear wife
Whenever you get angry with us, you make the life hell for us
You often reprimand us, & give us rebuking glances
You release all your wrath upon us, we pray before you dear wife
Fragrant sticks, earthen lamps, incense all are for you dear wife
You use tremenduous quantities of powders & creams cosmetics & feel happy
Though you look innocent but you are not less than any double barrel gun
You fire on us like a bullet, we pray before you dear wife
Husband-wife have the same old relationship since the world came to existence
Wife devours sitting at home & the husband toils day & night to earn
Every day you play with his money while we die to quench our thirst for the money
Each & every penny is consumed by you, we pray before you dear wife
All this wealth is for you, all the gold & silver is devoted to you
We just wish that you may not get angry with us
You have befooled us like an owl , you are our home's Lakshmi Goddess
Why are you kicking your slave, we pray before you dear wife

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