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Living in the Present: Some Practical Tips by Andrei Yashurin

One more reason why it is difficult for some people to live in the present is that they don’t know themselves well enough & they secretly don’t love themselves. This is why they are on a rush, trying to escape from themselves. Once we get down to the core of this issue, once we know & accept ourselves, many of our pressing problems will be resolved. When we stop behaving in an ignorant & unfriendly way toward ourselves, our life becomes transformed. However, I am not going to elaborate upon this theme. I would rather suggest several practical tips for living in the present - something which we can use in our daily life.

Be mindful of your breath.
There is no need to use sophisticated breathing techniques - just pay attention as you breathe in and breathe out. Try to breathe deeply and slowly. Try to enjoy this process. This is such an easy thing to do, and yet if you will try it for a certain time, you will find yourself to be more peaceful and calm. If will be much easier for you to stay mentally detached from your past and your future.

Be mindful of your physical feelings.
Ask yourself: how do I feel right now? Am I sitting in a comfortable position? Do I feel comfortable about shoes and clothes I wear, and about the things around me? What is my body trying to tell me? Again, this is an easy thing to do - but so many people go through life ignoring their feelings, until a moment their bodies begin to scream. When we get in touch with our feelings on a day-to-day basis, we open ourselves to its guidance and valuable suggestions.

Do not rush.
Sometimes we are so afraid to be late on something that we don’t realize that the world does not depend upon us for its survival. Of course, it is good to be always on time - but a wise person knows that it can be better achieved not by intensity of efforts, but by careful planning. As you plan your day, give yourself more time to do the important things, and eliminate the non-important things as much as possible. You might do them if you will have spare time, or don’t do them at all. If you have an appointment, try to come in advance. But if you are still late, don’t feel guilty about it. Next time, you will be even more wiser

Be grateful for the delays.
When you are in a traffic jam, or if you are standing in a line, try not to be angry or upset like some others. Rather, realize that this delay is a gift. You have a chance to be alone with yourself for a minute or so, without being distracted. Watch for your breath and for your physical feelings, try to become relaxed. Say a simple affirmation or two. Smile to yourself. Look at people around you with sympathetic eyes. In an instant, your tension will go away, and you will get in touch with joyous spirit of the present moment.

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