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Will You...

Hold me tight when I ask you to?
Be there when I need you?
Help me when I need a clue?
Always give me the love I seek?
Kiss me gently on my cheek?
Catch me when my knees go weak?
Wipe away my every tear?
Whisper softly in my ear?
Tell me sweet things I love to hear?
Rock me to sleep and play with my hair?
Show me how much you really care?
Never stop being there?
Open your heart and give it to me?
Say I'm the only one with the key?
Consider my feelings and agree?
Treat me like I'm the one you treasure?
Say that compared to me nobody can measure?
Appreciate the love I give?
Be meaningful and always forgive?
Never let go and never mis-give?
Tell me I'm special in every way?
Tell me you love me when there's nothing to say?
Never forget my love grows for you each day?

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