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Lallooji Ki Jai!!

Lalloo Prasad's wife is off to England for a 2-week training program, and he is seeing her off at the airport.

'Have a good trip Rabri', says Lalloo.

Rabri answers, 'Thank you ji! What would you like me to bring for you?'

Lalloo laughs and says, 'An English girl!!!

Rabri is quiet and leaves contemplating the meaning of his words.

Two weeks later Lalloo picks her up in the airport and asks, 'Haanji, so how was the trip?'

'Very good, very very good ji!'

Lalloo laughs and asks, 'And so, what happened to my present?'

'Which present?'

'What I had asked for, the English girl!'

'Oh haanji, that! Well, I've done what I could. Now we will just have to wait a few months to see if it's a English boy or a girl!!!'


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