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Wanted Suicide

Can my life get better?
Or is it gonna stay?
Can I start again?
Or will it go away?
Can I ask you something?
Why did God choose me?
Can I take I back?
Or will it always be?
Can I find my mummy?
But why'd she leave me here?
Can I stop this hurting?
Who'll wipe away my tear?
Can you make me happy?
Then why am I so sad?
Can you tell me exactly why?
Why were you so mad?
Can you take my life?
Cause I don't want to live
Can you tell me why you left?
I have my life to give
Can you tell my daddy
That it'll be ok,
I'll be waiting for him
And I'll see him soon.. one day
Can't somebody hear me,
Promise you won't cry?
Cause it was my decision
It was my choice to die
Can you promise something?
Please smile when I go
I should've told my love my heart
I guess he'll never know
Can you understand me?
I'm sorry but it's true
I couldn't handle all the shit
That I was going through
My spirit inside, was captured
But I've just set it free
Tell everyone I'm sorry
But if you would only see
Abuse is really painful
I couldn't take the pain
Don't forget I'll wait right here
To see you once again
I love you for your friendship
Promise not to cry,
I'll see you in another life
I love you .....and goodbye

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