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I wanted to tell you

I was dreaming again last night.
In my dream you stood before me.
I gazed into your eyes and touched your soul,

I felt the gentleness and acceptance there
within you, that you held for me.
I wanted to tell you, how it is with me.
I had always felt such fear

Nameless and fathomless so extensive and pervasive
that all the words would freeze
upon my tongue and I could not speak a word.

This time I lost the fear I always held.
I was able to express my love for you
I could tell you, that the only time I'm happy
is when I see your face. your smile, your hands,
your eyes enchant me

I wanted to tell you that I can't imagine my world
without you in it, or one day without your love.
I wanted you to know, I love you.

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