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What Did I Do Wrong?

What Did I Do Wrong?

What Did I Do Wrong
We Were So Close Together

Now So Far Apart
What Happened In Between

I Can Only Feel In My Heart
I Wish You Were Here

To Talk With Me Today
But I Can't Give A Call

My Mind Won't Obey
Things Seemed To Be So Perfect

Now They Seem So Wrong
I Don't Feel As Though I Know You

Where Has Our Love Gone
You Used To Be Able To Talk With Me

About Everything You Felt
Now I Feel I'm A Stranger

My Heart Is Starting To Melt
We Always Used To Talk

Until The Middle Of The Night
I Don't Know What We Talked About

But Never Once In A Fight
I Need You In My Life

I Need You As A Friend
I Need To Laugh And Cry With You

Forever Till The End
I Still Don't Know What Has Happened

Our Friendship Has Lasted So Long
But I Can't Help From Wondering

What Did I Do Wrong?

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