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Valentines Day Date..

Today is Valentine’s Day. I came out of the shower and checked my wardrobe to select the best pair of dress I have. I could hear the giggle of my room mates. They knew that I liked some girl but I never mentioned the details about her to them. One of them teased me with a cute college girl who catches the bus in the same stop where we board. I silently enjoyed their pranks and went about my way of getting dressed up for the occasion. This is a special occasion and I knew she likes nothing less than the best.

Let me introduce her to you on my way to the office. She is one of those rare girls whom you instantly fall in love with. A cute smile, charming face, kid like attitude, innocent features, she has everything. I love her more than anything in this world (except my mom of course). Talking to her became my only passion in life. We argue, fight, laugh, cry and each of those moments are treasured more than anything else. Oh I could see a beautiful bouquet shop on the road. She loves roses by the way. Her cheeks resemble the red roses, let me not describe more. I got down from the cab and bought a nice bouquet for her. I know she would love to have this today. I reached office on time and when I entered my cubicle I could see a lot of raised eyebrows.

One of my colleagues asked me, “Hey, Is it for your girl friend?” I simply nodded and smiled and kept the bouquet in my place. Some of my colleagues believed that I liked a girl in the adjacent wing and used to tease me with her. At times, even I joined them in the fun. So many women around you in this world, you meet a lot of them every day, but how will these people know that no one can replace the special one who makes your world. Time was ticking slowly. I called her up to confirm the appointment in the evening. Poor girl, she has to travel a lot of distance to reach the meeting point. And I didn’t want her to wait for me.

I am waiting for the clock to strike five so that I can leave the office. Let me tell you some more details about her in the meanwhile. But, guys, promise me that you wont fall in love with her coz she is the only one I cherish and preserve in my life. She will be awake all night when I have night shifts and critical project dead lines. She cares for me like a mother, she is a great friend and at times becomes my child. I don’t introduce her even to my friends because of the fear of losing her. Thank God, the clock has struck five. I got ready to leave.

She loves chocolates and there was never an occasion when I met her without a chocolate. I went to a nearby shop and bought the best chocolates for her. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. I took my friends bike and raced to the meeting spot. I don’t want my dear to be waiting for me over there. I parked the bike outside the gate. It was quite a lonely place and we enjoyed a lot of privacy every time we met. I could see from a distance, she was sitting over there. Her face was glowing like a radiant moon, with the sun setting at the back drop. I went near her and kissed her on the cheek. Gentle wind started blowing and gave me the feeling of her warm embrace which I long everyday.

I placed the bouquet on her grave and our eternal chat started. I don’t know when it got dark and it was time she had to leave. Tears started flowing down my face, but then she had to go….I slowly started walking back, and I reached home very late. My room mates haven’t slept till then. They were waiting to hear the happenings of the day. One of them grabbed my cell and redialed the last number that I have called.

He was disappointed to hear a lady telling him that the number no longer exists. How will he or for that matter any one know who she is. Her physical presence can no longer be felt, but her memories have fully occupied my heart.

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