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A vision of hope for my love
A set of feelings sent from God Above
A wish to be together, a dream to come true
A heart so full of love yet left unknown by you

Million of questions on my mind
And answers are still left to find
Thoughts about what our future may hold
After telling you everything that you should be told

A love so strong not even distance can break
Love so real it can't even be faked
Proving that my love is meant to be
Which I know everyone around us could also see

Holding on to what I think is right
Thinking that I found you - this makes my life bright
Feeling so lonely when we are apart
We are meant to be together and I am sure you can feel it in your heart

Yet I am fighting so hard for what I seek
But I do not know if you are listening to what my heart speaks
Doing my best to pass this message onto you
Because in this life we've been blessed 2 b together by Lord (this I think is true)

Blessed with love and care
I know what we can have is very rare
Some search their whole life for love like this
Just wanted you to know that you have got this

Me and You can come true
If you want it to.
You are the sweetest thing that exists
Let us unite and be a family if you believe in what this poem lists.

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