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Life is Like An Advertisment

If you love someone Go get it ( Visa Power )
Want to propose to a girl Just do it. ( Nike )
Before going to propose to a girl Believe in the best ( BPL )
Not satisfied with your dates, yeh dil mangay more ( Pepsi )
If you are going to propose to a girl, chances are, Na re na na, 50-50 ( Britannia )
Those who succeed in love always say, We dream because we do ( Daewoo )
A guy having a number of girlfriends, A complete Man ( Raymond's )
A smart girl having a number of boyfriend, Yeh hai hamara suraksha chakra ( Colgate )
If a girl slapped you when you proposed to her, Take it easy ( Limca )
If you get married to a girl of your mother's choice, Jiyo meray Lal ( Brooke Bond )
If you want to marry to a girl of your choice, but your parents reject her, Zor ka Jhatka, Dhere se Lage ( Mirinda ).

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