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Answer paper!

Final year engineering students who sat down to write their Microwave II paper could not believe their eyes.

The answers to two questions (22 marks) were printed in the paper itself, just below the questions! The 100 overjoyed students, who appeared for the paper, naturally helped themselves to the answers.

This meant they had to score just 18 marks to pass the 100-mark paper. The minimum marks required to pass is 40.

Will get marks
Microwave II is a semester VIII subject of Electronics and Telecommunications and had seven questions.

“I was surprised to find the answers in the question paper. We exchanged glances in the exam centre, but kept our mouths shut,” said a student who did not wish to be named.

A D Sawant, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Mumbai University, admitted that answers were printed in the question paper.

“The question paper was printed just the way the paper setter wrote it, with the answers printed in it. Only the paper setter was privy to the question paper, so no one knew of the mistake. In any case, if students have attempted the question, they will definitely get the marks.” He added the oversight was a first in the university’s 150-year history.

No re-exam
Students of Jondhale Engineering College, Dombivli, one of the four examination centres, were the first to notice the mistake. The college administration then contacted the university and notified them of the error.

“We had to score only 18 more marks as the passing marks are 40. So it was a blessing in disguise for us. But I guess the university will hold a re-exam, which I dread,” said another student.

Most of the students who appeared for the paper are repeaters; the regular students have the revised course.

Yashwant Bhonsale, a paper setter in Veermata Jeejabai Institute of Technology (VJTI), said, "Usually paper setters provide solutions with the question paper in a different envelope, which is sealed. In this case, the solution is given on the question paper itself."

Added Sawant, "This is a major mistake and the university will decide what action would be taken on the paper setter."


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