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Women & Makeup

You know it takes an average man anywhere between 05 to 30 minutes to get ready? Do you also know that it takes an average woman anywhere between 15 minutes to 1.30 hours to get ready? You ever wonder why they need all that extra time?

Do you know the average woman owns over 100's beauty item that she uses for her face, hair, nails, skin, etc? Do you also know that are over tens of thousands of these items in the marketplace today?

Have you ever walk into your girlfriend's bathroom after she has got one "prepping"? Why does it smell like a tropical rain forest in there? After your done with your business, do you spend hours trying to find the soap in her mess of items, some of them looking like they were used on prisoners of war?

These questions help us lead into one main and unsolvable question, Why Does It Take Women So Long To Get Ready?

Possible Answer #1
Women take so long because really they do not know what they are doing. With over 477 different things in their bathroom, what do you expect it takes them an hour. This Possible Answer also might explain why they spend so much time.

Possible Answer #2
Another possible answer is that it really does not take a women that long to get ready. They do something in their extra time in the bathroom. What do they do in the bathroom, sleep? Of course, this possible answer will never be true because I bet anything that a women can not get ready in under 15 minutes.

Possible Answer #3
This possible answer was suggested by another person, but he wishes his name to be anonymous. He says that the longer a women takes to get ready, the more uglier that person is. If it takes a typical women one hour, then she might be a little ugly.

Possible Answer #4
What if the women were controlled by someone else. A higher power? What of women used a simple appliance (dryer) that they use that brain washes them somehow. Is it some twisted women that wants total domination of the world & spread feminists? Oh my, scary! But that will never ever happen. Although there is a higher power than a women. They call it "man"

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