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Remove yellowness in UR teeth

Eventhough maybe only one in 10 people pay attention to them, yellow & patchy teeth can make you conscious. You can go to a dentist if the stains are very dark or you can try one of these home remedies if the stains aren't really dark.

* Take a teaspoon of lemon juice and put some salt in it. Rub the mixture on your teeth. Even a rind of the lemon or an orange rubbed from the inner white part regularly after a meal give your teeth a pearly white glow.

# Rub with hydrogen peroxide (20 Vol.) using 1 part to 7 parts of water.

# To stop tooth decay and any mouth diseases, the most economical thing to use is dry neem-leaf powder sprinkled on a little tooth paste on your brush.

# Brushing teeth with soda-bicarbonate removes nicotine and other dark stains also. It helps to prevent the formation of tartar and keeps the teeth white.

# Massage the gums daily with a mixture of pure mustard oil with a little table salt added to it. This will keep the teeth healthy and cure pyorrhea.

# Clean' the teeth and . mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash. also clean teeth & gums thoroughly, floss between teeth & even brush the tongue daily.

# For those who have' dentures, clean them daily with a brush & a suitable cleanser. Soak removable ones overnight in a mixture of 1 tablespoon household bleach & 1 teaspoon water softener in half cup water.

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