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Pride and love . . .

When you said you love me & loves to talk to me,
And is falling into pieces when ever u see me.
I never cared nor mind it at all, but insulted you,
I was busy with my life and laughed at you with my friends.

I may never know how it’s like to be loved by you,
Now that you are gone after waiting for just a smile,
For two years or so, when your friends too asked u to forget,
Yesterday I heard from your friends how much u have suffered & loved me

And it made me desperately wanting to fall on my knees and cry,
I curse my pride and stupid ignorance; I had for so long,
Would I ever again find a true, mad & a deep lover, like you.
I guess I wont, even if I do it wont b the same, I was so blind.

The sun may rise & hide away in the deep blue sea,
Summer, winter autumn, all seasons may come and go.
My last wicked words to get rid of you, still echoes in mind,
Standing in the rain, I didn’t see your tears, & pain filled face.

Things may never b the same again, even though I want,
I won’t get a chance to make things right, though I desperately want.
Yes, your finals words are true, “pride makes the first fall”,
I wish I could turn back the time,but; all I could say is,
Thank you for loving me . . .

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