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My Friend, I'm Sorry

How can I be so stubborn
How could I be so blind
How could I be so selfish
To have said something so unkind

How could I believe their gossip
I know you better than that
But now I've said some hurtful things
That I don't know how to take back

We've shared too much laughter
and survived too many tears
to let some stupid careless words
End those friendship years

You've been there right beside me
When all else let me stand alone
You defended me even when I was wrong
In your heart I found a home

How could I be so thoughtless
As to think the things you said
In your hurt and in your anger
Was anything you truly meant

How could I have been so careless
As to reply with words of my own
Instead of caring for your pain?
My friend, I should have known.

Our friendship to me means more
Than I could ever show
I let opinions of thoughtless others
Interfere with what I know

I dearly miss your friendship
The heart ache just won't go
A part of me is missing
An empty aching hole

What I'm trying to tell you
In my usual awkward way
Is my dearest friend I'm sorry
More than words can say

Please forgive me.

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