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A WIFE is like a computer...
She will "ENTER" ur life
"SAVE" u in her heart
"FORMAT" ur brain
"EDIT" ur life
And then "DELETE" u from ur money!!








All colours r dying 2 touch ur face. Wishing u HAPPY HOLI!

Love da 1 who cares 4 U,
care da 1 who shares with U,
share with 1 who knows U,
know da 1 who meets U,
meet da 1 who is made 4 U.

To hear what is unspoken,
To see what is unseen,
To feel without even touching,
is a miracle called "FRIEND"

The true measure of a man is how he treats some1 who can do him absolutely no gud.

Friends are like shoes,
some loose & some tight,
some fit & just right,
They help us 2 walk through life,
Thanks 4 being of my size!

Time might lead me nowhere & fate might break me in2 pieces, but I will always be THANKFUL that... Once in my life's journey u became my friend.

Remember 2 remember me,
forget 2 foget me,
Even if u remember 2 forget me,
I'll not forget 2 remember U!

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#'''# #






Just a mischievous little HELLO!
Have a gr8 day...

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