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Merry christmas, enjoy new year, happy easter, good luck on valentines, spooky halloween & happy birthday now bug off & don't annoy me for the next 12 months!!!!

To get succes: 1) define ur self. 2) never give up. 3) plan u r future. 4) realize the value of time. 5) think +ve. 6) say my name 10000 times :-)

Friendship is like peeing in ur pants, everyone can see it but only you can feel it's warmth.

Wat did chicken said wen it iz cooked with palak?Hum pay yeah kis nay hara rang dala mar dala mar dala....

Good morning...Have u done two of the most important things when you wake up today? 1)Pray, so that u may live... 2)Take a bath-so that others may live too!

I miss u I really miss u and I want 2 cum visit u but dis dumb security guard wont let me in the zoo without a ticket

Feeling bored? think of me! feeling sad? call me! feeling lonely? meet me! feeling hot? oh no no! drink coca cola & enjoy!!

Hard work has a future payoff. Laziness pays off NOW!

Man goes to medical shop and ask for the poison. Shopkeeper:I can't give sell you that. Man shows his wife's photo. Shopkeeper:Ohh sorry i didn't know tht u had a priscription..

U have such an icredible brain, diveded in left and right. In left nothing is right, in right nothing is left.

He broke my heart, I broke his nose!

Frnd ship is like an onion. Which has many layer nd addes taste to ur life but when u try to cut it u will get only tears.

When I was a dog, and you were a flower, I walked over you and gave you a shower!!

What is difference between Man & Monkey; the Man writes SMS & the Monkey reads it.

Love- easy to say difficult to stay beautiful to feel difficult to deal difficulty is a part of life and thats the reason why girlfriend is never a wife..!!

Today is virappan's first death anniversary. plz switch off your cell for 2 min as mark of respect and send this message to atleast 1 criminal, as i did..!!!

All the idiots, fools, donkeys and monkeys use their thumb to read the sms ................. don't change ur thumb now its too late!

If u hide, i'll seek 4 u. If u r lost, i'll search 4 u. If u'll leave, i'll wait 4 u. If days take u away 4m me, i'll fight 4 u. But, if u stop sending msgs, i'll kill you.

I've written a poem for you: twinkle twinkle little star, you should know what you are, & once you know what you are, mental hospital is not so far.

Ur smile can b compared to flower. ur innocence to a child. ur vioce to the cuckoo. but in stupidity u have no comparison. u r the best.

What do you call a laughing motorcycle.......?
a yamahahahahah......

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