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10 Golden Rules for Yourself !

1. You should give yourself the same care and attention you give others.

2. You are not an "endless resource" for others. You must stock up on reserves and not get too drained.

3. You have needs too, which may be different from your family, friends and colleagues.

4. You dont have to say "yes" to all requests or feel guilty when saying no.

5. The perfect person doesn't exist. The good-enough one does.

6. You have the right to be treated with respect as a worthwile, intelligent and competent person.

7. You dont have to have everyone's approval all the time to know you are trying your hardest.

8. Time for unwinding is time very well spent.

9. Making mistakes is not a disaster. You can learn from these and it allows others to as well.

10. You must be fair to yourself and remember at all times, especially in the face of criticism, anxiety & difficulties. YOU ARE DOING THE BEST THAT YOU CAN...........

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