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Top most firing IT companies in india..

Here r some of the IT companies. Marked in RED are very dangerous companies.

Top most Firing IT companies in India

1) IBM --- Right now this is the most firing and dangerous company for IT professionals. From the last 6 months, this company fired nearly 20% of their employees because of BG check and performance issues. This is most unsecured company from IT professionals point of view. They didn't have any strategic plans at HR policies regarding employee security. v

2) Accenture --- This is second top most firing company. This company was also have good firing rate like 15%. This is basically depends upon outsourcing, so there is no job security for an employee in this company.

3) Intel --- Recently they started firing of the employees.

4) CTS --- Always having firing policies(checking the Educational background and previous employment and also employee performance in work)

5) CSE --- Basically not a firing, but be careful about Back ground.

6) Satyam --- Basing upon their projects requirement they used to fire the people. Currently they stopped firing. Attrition rate is very high.

7) Patni ---- They fired so many employees, currently they are in very mcuh deficiency withe employees. Attrition rate is very high in this company.
So take care before accepting offers from these companies.

Secured IT companies in India

1) Microsoft --- Has project till 2050.

2) EDS --- Most secured company in india. Not laid off any of its employess even during 2001. Has lots of projects in Defence and financial areas .. Basically a gud company to be in. Also called as a retirement company.

3) HP --- Dream company. Inhouse and outside projects

4) TCS --- A publicly owned IT company. Secured. (Thanks for the correction)

5) WIPRO --- Doing gud as ever. Lots of project. Recently accuquired GM project .So doing better.

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