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Old Jokes....

Teacher: Tomorrow there will be a lecture on Sun. Everyone must attend it.
Raju: No ma'm! I will not be able to attend it.
Teacher: Why?
Raju: My mother will not allow me to go so far!!!

Teacher: There is a frog, Ship is sinking, potatoes cost Rs 3/kg. Then, what is my age?
STUDENT: 32 yrs.
Teacher: How do you know?
STUDENT: Well, my sister is 16 yrs old & she is half mad.

Teacher: Where does God live?
Little boy: Well, I think he lives in our bathroom.
Teacher: Why do you say that?
Little boy: Well, every morning my daddy bangs on the door & says, 'God, are you still in there?'

Teacher: "What is your name?".
Student: "Mera naam Suraj Prakash hai."
Teacher: "When I ask aquestion in english, answer it in english."
Student: "My name is Sunlight."

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