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The Auto-Biography of a Baby.......

You & mom were unaware that a life sparked to existence the other day. Orgasm. That’s what I was called & that’s what you thought I was. I heard you & mom crying out in joy. I was happy for that. From then on, I chuckled whenever I heard more & more cries of joy. More & more orgasms, I thought. I heard your friends praise you & mom, praise your years of indefatigable love. I came to know how wonderful a couple you were. I was proud of that.

When I was beginning to enjoy my anonymity, I heard some sad tales. I learnt how you were gifted by abandonment by your kith & kin against your love marriage. I came to know how lonely you were & how sadly you were starving for relationships. I am here papa! I am here! I wanted to shout. I never wanted to see you cry.

I remember the day when mom visited the doctor for a minor check-up, only to know that a little life was safely resting in the warmness of her womb. ‘You are pregnant!’ the doctor said & she cried out in joy & disbelief! You hugged mom & thanked the Almighty with moist eyes.

From that moment, my anonymity was long gone & I was a celebrity attracting all your attention! Daily as soon as you were home, you would say a ‘hi’ to me by kissing mom on her stomach & would talk to me for sometime. More than mom, I used to await your arrival back home for your ‘hi’! & with your ‘hi’ you made me your best friend. You were my best friend too, papa.

Relaxing myself in the cushion of the womb, I used to enjoy your mock arguments with mom over my gender! While mom wanted a boy, you were desperate for a girl, a girl who would look just like mom. Of course I am a girl papa! How can your best friend ever betray you?? & when the sonogram revealed that the life inside was of a girl’s, you jumped in exaltation & victory. “Jr. Yashi”, that’s how you used to call me, & I loved it. What better a pet name than assuming mom’s name?? Again, you & mom would debate & quarrel over my real name. No wonder I never was bored inside the womb!

But, I found the place inside the womb getting squeezed up day by day. I knew any slightest attempt for freedom might pain mom to death. But one day, I couldn’t help but slid down mom’s stomach & break free. I was born!!

‘It’s a girl!!’ the nurse announced & only I knew the bounds of your joy coz it showed in your kiss you gave me & mom. Though my tender eyes couldn’t see you, some strange force lifted my hand & my fingers clung to your finger, which you had held out for me. It was my promise to you then, that I would hold your hand forever. You acknowledged my promise with your tears that fell on my forehead. I knew those tears were a result of years of longingness.

Your tears then, were my first showers papa! When I opened my eyes fully for the first time, all I could see were wires & more wires. I thought I missed mother’s womb. I wanted to see you & mom in all my desperation before something told me I wouldn’t last long. How terrible it would be to miss the glimpse of my only friends??

Slowly but steadily, everything was blurring out, & I saw two figures running near me crying. I knew it were you & mom. It took my last ounce of energy to keep my eyes open till I could see both of you in all my limited clarity. But yippe I saw you! I saw my mom & dad. Guess how you both looked like?? You & mom appeared to be two fairies to me. Two fairies in a helpless cry though. The expectant look in your eyes said you still had a hope; & I felt I was the guiltiest soul on earth, about to kill the hope in the eyes of you & mom! God would never forgive me. You held out your finger to me but alas it was too late. Before I could lift the hand, everything faded out like a distant dream.

Who would ever want to miss life with such a wonderful mom & dad? My friends here asked my name & I was endlessly happy when I told I was Jr.Yashi. I thought, in a way, I wouldn’t have had the privilege of assuming that name had I lived any longer. My friends also discuss something about savoring mother’s milk, swinging in the cradle, playing with their first toy, sleeping in mom’s lap etc. & when they asked me what I enjoyed the most, I said I enjoyed your hi’s the most papa. I said I enjoyed the love in my first showers. More than everything, I said I enjoyed being born to you & mom. What else matters to me my papa?

And what was my last wish do you know?? My only wish then was to know how I looked like. I knew how you would have loved to say I looked just like mom. Instead, you kept weeping & I wasn’t sure I looked like mom. Did I?? Did I look like mom, papa??

I would get drenched in your love whenever you shed tears for me. Every time you say a ‘Miss you’ from down there, it’s an ‘I love you’ to me up here. I want to say I love you too, but I miss my voice. I want to shout from here that I love you both; but alas my vocal chord was muted. I knew I broke my promise of holding your hand forever. But papa, I never knew my ‘forever’ would be so very momentary, like a passing cloud.

God here actually granted me to be reborn to someone else. But I said I would wait for a lifetime to be born only to you & mom. If I have another life, it would only be with you & mom. Won’t I ever get a second chance papa?? Because I miss you. I miss mom.

Oh Papa! I miss my life.

The End.

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