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Wish U Were Here . . .

Sitting by the telephone, yearning for your call - to hear you speak,
Thought I saw you walk through that corridor,
As I neared - the images got distant and bleak,

Promised myself - won't keep thinking about you,
But couldn't help the heart's outburst - which kept echoing I MISS YOU . . .

I know my existence means nothing to you,
You may have not loved me for a moment - no qualm or complain,
Though accepting this truth does cause a lot of pain,

You will never know the emotions that flow when I happen to catch a glimpse of you,
They are the treasured moments that make me happy when I'm feeling blue.
My love for you grows stronger as time goes by,

For you, I could go till the ends of the earth and even vie.
I MISS YOU so much - I could just cry,
Fond memories of you are all I have - to take me through this agony and sigh . . .

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