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Train & Sardar

Once a train in Punjab got derailed and entered into the paddy fields. There was a huge panic and cry all over, but the train still kept moving into the fields. After a while the train got back on the rail track and stopped slowly. People got out of the train, with relief.

Some went to the driver to thank him. The driver was a Sardarji.
People asked "Papaji tussi bhot thanks jee.. we all were almost dead. Good u brought back train on the track, but what was the problem, Why the train got derailed". Tho Papaji replied, "O jee mention Nott, actually there was a man standing on the track just in front; it was all because of him. People wit hanger asked, to save that man u had almost killed the entire passengers; instead u should have let the man killed.

To this our sardarji replied "Oye jee that is what I wanted to do, (saale ko maarna chahta tha) I wanted to kill him, But he ran into the fields, aur maine peecha kiya"

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