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Lately . . .

lately you havent been around as much
lately i have been missing you so much
lately everythings been going wrong
lately i feel all alone, sometimes even lost
lately i need you more then ever
lately your not even here
lately its been you and me
lately i miss 'us'
lately there are no laughs
lately time just doesn't pass
lately wait is all that i do
lately id die just to have a few peaceful minutes to talk with you
lately I would love to see your face
lately id like to feel your embrace
lately iam missing you so very much
lately its been more then the small word 'much'
lately I'am angry at everything around
lately its all frustration without any doubt
lately iam so tensed all the time,
lately its because i dont have you with me to spend time,
lately, lately.. lately. . .

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