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Facts for you... (Working People)

The population of India is 100 crores. (100,000,00,000)
But 19 crores are retired. (-19,000,00,000)
That leaves 81 crores do the work. (81,000,00,000)
There are 25 crores in school, (-25,000,00,000)
which leaves 56 crores to do the work. (56,000,00,000)
Of this there are 22 crores employed by the Central Govt - U know na what they do! (-22,000,00,000)
leaving 34 crores to do the work. (34,000,00,000)
4 crores are in the Armed Forces, (Actually i should add 'em in Govt. Emps) (-4,000,00,000)
which leaves 30 crores to do the work. (30,000,00,000)
Take away from above total the 20 crores people work for State Governments (officially they do not work!) (-20,000,00,000)
and that leaves 10 crores to do the work. (10,000,00,000)
Total unemployed are 8 crores (-8,000,00,000)
and that leaves 2 crores to do the work. (2,000,00,000)
At any given time there are 1.2 crore people in hospitals, (-1,200,00,000)
leaving 80 lakhs to do the work. (80,00,000)
Now, according to Indian Statistical Institute, there are (79,99,998)
people are in prisons throughout the country. (-79,99,998)
That leaves just 2 people to do the work....... (2)
You & me!!!

And currently YOU are sitting at your computer reading this. So, I am the only person in our country who is working! And that's why India is surviving! Now, please log out of this & do your job because, for a change, I want to rest. & I don't want India to suffer because of that..... come on... back to work.

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