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The Book of Life

Books can open up so many doors;
Romance, suspense, intrigue and much more.
They'll take you places where you can explore.......
Places you've never been to before!
The Bible is filled with facts and history;
There are books which are filled with intrigue and mystery!
It unfolds the future, and relives the past;
From the beginning of time right down to the last!
It tells us how we should love one another!
And encourage and lift up our sisters and brothers!
It tells us of Jesus how he lived among men;
From the time of His birth, until he comes again!
It tells us the story of how he died on the cross,
How He took our place and paid our cost!
Death could not hold Him,
He walked away from that tomb!
He's with His Father in heaven but coming back to earth soon!
All that you need is there in it's pages,
Never outdated and holds the truths of the ages!
And just as it tells us.......
God Loves Us!

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