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Made for Each other?

When they were 5 years old:

He: Can I have your toy?
She: (after thinking for 2 mins), Yes you can, but take care of it, dont break it.

When they were 10:

He: Can I have that story book?
She: Yes, take it. Its from my prized collection, be careful with it.

When they were 16:

He: Can I have your bike for the day?
She: (after thinking about her stern dad), Yes you can take it out, but please be careful.

When they were 20:

He : Will you give me your heart ?
She: (she smiled) Yes, but dont ever break it.

When they were 25:

He: (In deep thought) Would you ever give up your life for me?
She: (sighing) You asked me for my toy when we were kids & I parted with it so that you could have the pleasure of playing with it too.

Another day you asked me for a story book from my collection. I never lend that book to anyone, but I gave it to you because I wanted you to enjoy the pleasure of reading it and experience what I had experienced.

A few years later you asked me if you could borrow my bike. I thought about my father who would be very angry if he knew, but I gave it to you because I knew you wanted to take that girl out and show off in front of her. And I wanted you to have your share of happiness.

And then one fine day you asked me for my heart, I gladly gave it to you because I had waited for this moment for so long. I wanted us to grow together and understand and make each other happy. That toy truck came back to me with two wheels out. I fixed it and continued playing with it. The book came back after six months with the pages torn and the cover soiled. I taped many of the pages together, but I couldnt do anything about the pages that were missing. The bike came back home late in the night with scratches and a dent in the front. My father grounded me for a week for lending my bike. I got it repaired with the pocket money I had saved for buying that tennis racket I wanted so badly.

And now... my heart is in pieces. Can you tell me how I am going to pick up all the pieces and patch them up together and never feel the pain of the past? No I wont give my life for you. Everything has become too precious to give it away to you now.

He: And because I broke your heart, you are breaking mine?

"He was still thinking only about himself..."

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