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Have you ever?

Have you ever felt so helpless as to not know wht to do atall?
Have you ever felt so mad at yourself for making a known mistake?
Have you ever felt like smacking yourself for being as stupid as you could ever get?
Have you ever felt like condensing into little droplets of water in the hope of vaporising once and for all?
Have you ever felt that things around were just a bad nightmare and would b over soon?
Have you ever closed your eyes and seen absolute darkness around?
Have you ever thought of what stabbing on the back n twisiting the knife would feel like?
Have you ever broken your most sacred principles for momentary happiness?
Have you ever thought how standing on a cliff would feel like with no where to go?
Have you ever?

If you havent..God forbid you ever have to..
If you have..I precisely know what you have been through..

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