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Father & Son.......

Son, I want you to listen to me. I have something important to say

Yes dad

No son, really listen. Come, sit next to me.

Ok dad

I’m not young like you, but I was once.

I know dad. If this is about the…

No son It’s not. You promised to listen.

Sorry dad…

Well, can you see I’m aging? I’m not the same as I was before.

You look great for your age

Yes? How old am I?

You are 10?

No son, I’m over 100 years old.

Like I said dad, you look great for your age.

In my life I have seen a lot of things. I’ve seen a rainbow after a storm. I’ve seen clouds that took a swim in the ocean. I’ve seen divers find treasures only to die of sunburn. I’ve seen captains risk their lives to save a whale and others risk a whale to save their lives. My son, I’ve seen a lot. Every wrinkle, every stain of rust, every hole in my crumbling body is something I’ve seen and learned.

I know dad… can I go now?

Son, you promised me you listen, will you keep your promise?

Yes dad.

Well, after all I’ve seen there is one thing I know.

What’s that dad?

I’ve learned I know nothing. I can’t explain, and I can’t predict anything. Life is a big storm, and we must assume we can drown in any minute.

I don’t understand. If I know nothing, how do I know that?

Now son, Now I know you were listening.

I think it’s my time to go.

From: Anjulpa

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