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How to use Indian Style Toilets...

You need to be prepared if you're going to travel in countries they don't have the modern facilities we are accustomed to. The Indian toilet has been around for ages. However, some might still not know how to use it. There is a solution for everything: lack of water, lack of toilet paper, & even a little trick to set the mood.

Better safe than sorry!

Asian toilet's can be hard to use especially for someone who isn't familiar or acquainted to it.

So, here's how you do it:
1. Lower yourself into a sitting position above the hole in the toilet
2. Sing a song or a tune & enjoy as you let it go!
3. Once your done, point the health faucet towards your bottom & press to release the water.
4. If a health faucet is not available, fill the bucket with water & pour a few mugs of water over your bottom till its clean.
5. It's generally more hygenic to use running water rather than toilet paper.
6. In case you are using toilet paper, make sure you dispose the used toilet paper into the dustbin & not into the toilet hole.
7. Fill the bucket with water & drain it into the hole so that all trace of excreta gets drained!


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