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^~^ The Hand Of... ^~^

A child was playing with a vase his Mother had left on the table for a few Moments. When the mother turned at the sound Of her son crying she saw that his hand was In the vase and was apparently stuck. She Tried to help him and pulled and pulled until The child cried out in pain. But the hand Was stuck fast. How would they get it out? The father suggested breaking the vase but It was quite valuable and the child's hand Might be cut in the process. Yet he knew that If all else failed there would be no Other alternative.

So he said to the boy, "Now, let's make one More try. Open your hand and stretch your Fingers out straight, like I'm doing, and Then pull!" "But Dad," said the boy, "if I do That I'll lose my penny!"

The boy had had a coin in his hand all the time And was holding it securely in his tight little fist. And he wasn't prepared to open his hand and lose the Penny. But once he opened his hand it Came out of the vase easily.

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