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SMSResume is the worlds first of its kind service empowering jobseekers to submit their resume with an SMS. This is a tool for jobseekers - with a radically different approach of sending a resume. Jobseekers utilize various methods to reach the recruiters and the employers and this has been the yesteryear approach, now you can send your resume with the help of an SMS, and for this just register with SMSResume.com. On the go you can reach the recruiters with the help of your mobile device which gives access to reach your recruiter or employer's desk on the go from any where wherever you're mobile can take you. Please do visit our How it works page for brief description about how simple it is to send a resume through SMS.

SMSResume.com, is a product of www.indianhr.com, which is established in the year of 2004 and has been providing recruitment and HR solutions for the Employers, recruiters and Job Seekers, we take utmost care to serve you better, by helping you reach your recruiters desk with your resume in real time with the help of an SMS.

You are all set to use our services, all you need to do is register with us for once and we do give access to upload your resume and edit whenever you want and you can submit your resume with the help of SMS keep a track of the activities online.

SMS Resume

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