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Dictionary of Vastu Shastra

Aagney - It is the lord of fire, & is positioned in the South-East direction.

Aap - Means water, which is one of the five elements that constituent our universe.

Aakash - Means Space, which is another element that constitutes our universe.

Aura - It is defined as a luminous radiation, a radiant light around a person's head or body. The different colours appearing in the aura have been studied by physics, & various tints of each colour suggest different characterstics.

Atman - The individual consciousness.

Brahma - The creator of the universe.

Istaka - The brick, as known in the Vedic times.

Jiva - The soul.

Kalpadruma - The wishing tree.

Purusha - The consciousness, the life source.

Parmataman - The universal consciousness.

Prana - The life.

Prakriti - The nature.

Samadhi (Sthiti) - To sit with folded legs on the ground in one posture for meditation.

Shankh - The counch, a sea shell through which the sound is produced & is mostly used in religious ceremonies.

Shrishti - Creation of the entire universe.

Sthapati - The architect, as known in the Vedic times.

Sutregrahi - The draughtsman, as known in the Vedic times.

Takshaka - The carpenter, as known in the Vedic times.

Vardhaki - The mason, as known in the Vedic times.

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