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10 Tips for Newlyweds

1- Never forget romance
Don't underestimate the power of a sweet word or a warm caress, a candlelight dinner accompanied with music, it can work wonders. So, despite of your hectic schedules find the time to express your love & never take your partner for granted.

2- Don't lose the sense of humor
Trying to lighten up a gloomy situation, looking at the bright side of the things would certainly be the positive & right way to deal with the difficult times.

3- Keep the respect for each other
If you don't have admiration for each other, things will not work. An indication of lack of compassion, good manners & mutual respect especially during heated discussions or difficult situations will be the poison that kills your love & marriage gradually. Don't let anything get in the way of respecting each other.

4- Don't handcuff your partner
Marriage is not a prison sentence; it's a lifetime commitment of love, companionship & understanding. You both need breathing space, that way love will flourish & grow.

5- Don't struggle over authority & power
Marriage is certainly not a battle field. You are not opponents, you are companions. In a marriage you must learn to compromise & to let go every once in a while, if you find your partner is getting ready for a big fight, surprise him/her by giving in, then you can find the right time for a comprehensive discussion if necessarily.

6- Be honest
Face your problems, admit that they exist & work on solving them. Hiding behind a screen will not make them disappear, & ignoring them will only build them up into a dormant volcano ready to erupt at any time, pouring out lava of pain, anger & disappointment.

7- Keep the balance between giving & taking
Love is all about giving, but mind you, this does not mean that one party should take advantage of the other; it can't mean endless giving from one partner & endless taking from the other. There is a thin line between the two partners of giving & taking each in his way.

8- It is just the two of you
Keep your marriage details & problems for yourselves & don't let people influence your marriage. Always remember that anyone beside you & your partner is a third party even your mother, sister, & best friend.

9- Keep marriage sexually satisfying
Don't be embarrassed to talk about your sexual needs or fears with your partner, if you are not satisfied in bed or if you feel that your partner has a sexual problem, choose the right moment & discuss it with him/her.

10- Its takes time
Both of you are used to different things, different habits; how you eat, when you sleep & even when & what to watch in TV, so you have to understand that it is take time & effort from both of U to get used to living together.

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