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She said to me . . .

She said she would be a true friend,
Not till now but for all the years ahead.
I could count on her without any doubt,
As she would be there to help me out.
She assured to give me her full support,
When I would need it the most.
She promised to always be my lucky guide,
When I would sometimes forget which way to ride.
All the troubles that would come my way,
She would be there to toss them away.
When ever we would have a fight,
I know she would be the one to let it slide,
She was the One, so sweet funny & kind
Whom I, definitely can never leave behind
But Why Did she Leave me Behind?
This i cannt understand
Was She wrong or I
Is this the Value of the Promises?
Is the Worth Of the Words?
Is this the meaning of Friendship. . .?

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