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I Will Remember You . . .

Through all the good times & bad times you wanted to see me happy & never sad,
I found you much to late & you left so soon,
I still remember the day we met & that is something
I'll never forget,
Of all the things I've ever known,
You taught me something I value most,
You taught me how to love the ones who mean so much to me,
You showed me how to appriciate who I am & all the important things in life,
You listened to me & actually cared,
About all the stupid things I had to say,
You were there for me all the way,
And when someone hurt me & gave me pain,
You taught me how to play the game,
You told me friends will change,
They wont always stay the same,
But I shouldn't act as if it's crime,
These things happen over time,
Your weakness was my best friend,
So when your relationship came to an end,
Thats when our friendship began to fall apart,
That just totally broke my heart,
beacause I really missed kickin back with you,
I can't believe that all it took was just one shot, & you were gone,
Now I must learn to carry on,
But the memory of you will always be deep inside of me,
Now I must be strong for to cry a tear is weak,
I must stand on my two feet,
I just want you to know that no matter what I do or where I go,
I'll always remember you,
Cause deep down in my heart we will never part,
Hand in hand until the end,
Even if we weren't lovers,
We were still good friends . . .

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