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OVERVIEW: In matters of the heart, you've always preferred the chase to the capture. In fact, hard as it might be to believe, once the courtship dance is over -- especially if it doesn't last long enough or prove interesting enough -- you've actually been known to lose interest entirely. You won't have that problem this year though. From early January through early March, someone who absolutely demands your respect will attract a healthy portion of your attention. Suddenly, you'll be willing to suspend all rules, clean up your act & go out of your way to prove how honorable your intentions are -- just to ensure that you end up with the pleasure of their long-term company.

Love won't be your only focus this year, however. You may need to make a major decision regarding your job, thanks to two eclipses, classic harbingers of change. The first, in mid-March, will get the show on the road & probably make you restless enough to start looking for other options. By the time the second eclipse arrives in late September, you'll be more than ready to clear out your desk. Giving two weeks notice may not be first & foremost on your mind, especially if a better offer is already waiting impatiently in the wings. Just be sure your next step is set in stone before you burn any bridges.

Burning bridges will come easily to you by December, however, & you won't have to worry about any repercussions either. By New Year's Day 2007, you'll be amazed at how many great big changes you've made, possibly even including a long-distance move. Regardless of where you end up -- or with whom -- rest assured that this will be a year to remember & that everything will be just fine in the end. So don't worry if things aren't completely fine right now. All that means is that you're not at the end of this process just yet. Relax & do what feels right. You're reinventing yourself, & if you're smart, you'll allow yourself to enjoy the journey -- & to take your sweet time.

LOVE: For some time now, your love life has been in a holding pattern. It hasn't been dull -- you get the same endorphins from jogging in place that you do on a cross-country run over varied terrain -- but you're feeling restless. At the beginning of the year, you'll sense the opportunity to deepen a friendship or reignite a relationship that you'd begun to take for granted. Pay attention to the cues that indicate your partner is ready to take your connection to a more intense level. From January through March, give yourself plenty of time & opportunity to ease into this exciting change. Weekend getaways to unusual destinations, like a natural hot springs or a quirky amusement park, will help you two focus on each other's hopes, however outlandish or potentially embarrassing.

Around the middle of March, your ability to concentrate on the softer side of life will be somewhat diminished. Two eclipses, one in the spring & the other at the beginning of fall, suggests that major changes in your day-to-day life are coming, & your focus will be needed in other areas. You can keep your sympathies supple through all this upheaval by lavishing attention on yourself. Massages & daytrips to the spa will help you relax. Classic novels with passionate, inward-focused characters will remind you of your emotional needs, even while your ambition is being prodded by more pragmatic challenges.

By the time the winter holidays arrive, you will begin to feel more confident with the path your life is taking. & perhaps to your surprise, your clear-eyed vision of the future may not include a certain romantic partner. Think deeply about the situation, but if you feel like cleaning out your closet to make way for something new, don't second-guess your preference. You're coming into contact with new people every day, & if someone else is better aligned with your inner self, you won't rest until your lives run parallel in all the best ways.

CAREER: Your powerful, restless energy generally means that if you're not moving up, you're itching to move on. That can be frustrating, as it might often seem that you're packing up (or wishing you were packing up) just as you finally get settled into a new position. Raw ambition can only get you so far, though, & early this year you will find yourself inspired to take a new look at your current position -- or maybe the next one in line -- as worthwhile on its own merits. You won't be shedding your ambition so much as fulfilling your desire to see longer-term plans come to fruition. Expect a two-month period of solid, deeply satisfying personal growth.

After all that, you will find substantial new territories to explore in the spring. The lunar eclipse just before the Ides of March brings subtle changes to your core mission. If your timing is just right & circumstances favor you, it will be a time of explosive growth. Your competitors don't stand much of a chance -- unless, that is, you let yourself get too distracted by the sheer volume of opportunities to pick a few & focus on them. The end of summer brings a more intense solar eclipse & a slower, quieter time for you & your clients. Spend the early autumn working on negotiations or other interpersonal interactions -- your strengths will lie in that domain.

Toward the end of the year, you might feel the urge to move on yet again. Try to channel that energy into something different -- jettison some of the less profitable or interesting components of your work, for example, or restructure your current approach. When you reflect on the changes 2006 has brought to your working life, you will see the deeper pattern that you likely missed while it was developing all around you. & you're still trending upward, even if it feels like you've stalled out. In the end, you will have found the stability necessary for true growth.

OVERVIEW: During the early part of the year -- say, from January through March -- you may be bitten by the travel bug. This isn't customary for you, & you don't often have an irrepressible urge to leave everyone & everything you love. Once you've got the fever, though, chances are good you won't want to settle for anything less than a major tour, featuring every spot you've always wanted to visit. Don't deprive yourself. This is your moment to pack lightly (yes, really -- you can do it if you try) & go shopping for experiences rather than objects. Go get 'em!

If you're attached, you'll take your partner along for the adventure, of course. & not just because you'll have lots more fun with your beloved by your side. You'll also want to travel as a pair because you're big on seeing the results of your investments -- & that goes double for the investment of your time. This will be another experience to add to the collection you two have already amassed, & it stands to bring you even closer. If you're single, don't be surprised if you meet someone on the road who has a wonderful accent. In fact, this someone may not be averse to the idea of a long-distance move -- or of taking in a roommate from a far-off place. Either way, between the movements of the planets & the influence of eclipses in mid-March & late September, you're likely to be a lot more focused on romance than you have been in quite some time.

Career matters will also move along quite well for you during the early part of the year, most likely due to the influence, support or advice of a female authority figure or elder. In fact, regardless of the areas of your life that need sorting out, this holds true: Trust the loving, experienced people all around you. They won't lead you astray.

The last months of the year will arrive with some big changes for you, most likely involving the improvement of joint finances & new developments in your intimate partnerships. If you're feeling optimistic around New Year's Eve, it's not by accident. This roll you're on won't be going anywhere for quite some time.

LOVE: You've been stricken by wanderlust, & during the first few months of the year, you'll be happiest if you feed your hunger for new scenery & best of all, new experiences. Whether you're exchanging sympathetic looks with a Sherpa in the Himalayas or comparing iridescent seashells with a child in Fiji, you'll discover things about yourself that you had never considered before. But perhaps best of all, you'll unearth new dimensions in your friendships or your relationship with a special someone.

If you have to leave a loved one behind on your travel adventures, your thoughts will turn repeatedly to the small gestures that make your relationship different from any other you've ever had before. You'll realize you truly miss the way your sweetie refolds the newspaper to put your favorite section or puzzle on top, or the way a quick squeeze of your hand can communicate exactly what you're both thinking. Write long letters on hotel stationery or stretched out over multiple postcards. If you can take a loved one with you, you'll fall for those endearing habits all over again, & instead of writing letters, you can whisper passionate phrases directly in their ear.

Meanwhile, if you're single, you won't be able to hide in your solitary lair for long. From March through September, romantic opportunities will fly into your orbit like a moth toward light. Perhaps you'll even meet a candidate for romance on your travels to distant destinations. Work up an appetite for delightful surprises -- your spontaneous new friend is likely to sweep you into an unplanned midnight trip to the sea or suddenly present you with an unasked-for (but secretly coveted) gift.

At the end of the year, be prepared for significant -- & welcome -- changes in your romantic partnership. Is it time to open a joint checking account or to renew your vows? By New Year's Eve, you'll be ready to usher in 2007 with a strong, beautiful partner at your side.

CAREER: The first few months of the year will almost certainly see you looking for a change of venue. It might not be a new workplace, though -- you'd be happy with a relocation or even just an extended business trip to a part of the world you've never seen. Don't let your desire for stability & security keep you from branching out. You've got to explore this avenue, & you shouldn't let anyone or anything get in your way. If you've ever felt the itch to go freelance, now is the time to start. Simplicity will be important in all your endeavors.

As you move through these changes or travels, expect a lot of long-buried personal feelings about work & money to pop up & say hello. If you know for certain that you're committed to your job or profession, that knowledge will strengthen considerably, & you'll most likely find the inspiration to take your career to the next level. If you have any serious doubts, though, they will be magnified -- especially in the middle of March, when the Moon lets feelings run wild. The upside of these doubts is that they will open you up to the new possibilities & opportunities surrounding you at that time.

Saturn teaches Venus a little lesson about responsibility in late August, & you won't be able to help but learn right along with it, so strong is your connection to the planet of love & money. You will be grounded & ready for it -- & it might just help build your credibility with your supervisors & important clients. Pay close attention to what long-timers in your workplace have to say about developing situations & you won't go wrong. Accounts & budgets will be on the agenda for the last couple of months of 2006, & you might need to finesse your relationships with partners & peers in order to move forward. Once that's settled, you'll be golden for some time to come.

OVERVIEW: While it's always been just about impossible to keep you from expressing yourself, you've probably been a bit quieter over the past year. Perhaps you've even felt downright hesitant to say what you're thinking -- especially if you're not absolutely sure of the potential repercussions of your words. That's not a bad thing; it's the wisdom of experience & age, & the universe will be tossing a bit more of it your way throughout 2006. If your friends continue to scratch their heads & ask what's wrong, reassure them with the very thing they've come to expect from you: interesting, chatty evenings over at your place, complete with the whole gang. You may be thinking more seriously lately, but that doesn't mean you can't indulge in some fun!

Speaking of serious thoughts, though, the period from early January through the beginning of March may demand some very careful consideration of joint finances -- that goes for both investments & any shared resources. If you're not happy with the way someone is handling a credit card that you're responsible for, if you're asked to cosign a loan & the thought just doesn't sit well with you, or if taxes have been a problem, this is definitely the time to resolve the situation, once & for all. & don't be shy about taking back that plastic! Remember, if your name is on the contract, you're responsible. Think of the future, & not lightly. This also wouldn't be a bad time to put a few pennies aside for a rainy day.

You may need to make some serious decisions in the romance department over the course of 2006. Changes to a friendship in April may get that show on the road -- but if you're thinking of turning this relationship romantic, be very sure that you can go back to being friends if it doesn't work out. Oh, & don't ignore a family member's efforts to introduce you to someone they think would be 'just perfect' for you -- no matter what happened last time. They could actually be right.

LOVE: Your romantic outlook for the months of January through March is likely to match the weather you're used to seeing around that time: overcast, with scattered sun breaks. You have plenty going on -- so it's not that. The fact is, you're having trouble explaining to yourself what a certain relationship means to you, & it's worrisome. Your inability to predict where the relationship is headed will send you into fogs of ambiguity that may even confuse other aspects of your life. Hold up an umbrella against the inclement psychological weather & soldier on.

By the time spring rolls around, you'll experience an emotional breakthrough. You'll either figure out how to fix the relationship or you'll move on. It's perfect timing, because in April you're likely to start seeing a close friendship in an exciting new light. A smile held a moment too long, an absentminded brush of a hand -- you'll notice signs at the beginning of the month that may blossom into a real romance by month's end, as long as you're willing. It's a good time to try something fresh, like taking a romantic weekend trip to that mineral lake the locals claim has healing powers. Let your shared skepticism & -- could it be? -- a tiny spark of belief bind the two of you together. Just be sure to take things slow & nurture your friendship alongside this potential flame.

2006 will bring other big developments on the romance front as well. It's a perfect year to put tempests behind you, because you have so many sunnier options on the horizon. Be careful not to dismiss suggestions from relatives out of hand. If your parents or siblings want to introduce you to someone they're sure you'll love, don't mock the idea immediately. Your family might know you better than you think, & as long as you make it clear that you're just trying the date on a lark, no one's feelings will get hurt. Stay open to any option that floats your way.

CAREER: You might have a workplace reputation -- deserved or not -- for being more focused on talk than action. The last year has seen you struggle intensely with that issue in one way or another, & the good news is that 2006 will bring you new credibility & a boost to your reputation, just as you had hoped. Your behind-the-scenes efforts have not gone unnoticed, & as your increasingly vital role starts to get more attention, you will see the rewards accrue commensurately. It might be a good time to start loosening up & reinvigorating your informal work relationships -- you'll need friends as well as admirers.

But first, take plenty of time in January & February getting serious about business finance. You need to make sure that you have a firm grasp on any budgets & assets that are under your control. It could be that a peer or underling is not giving due diligence its due, & it will be up to you to set things right -- quickly & firmly. Act from a place of certainty & don't let them tell you that they know better. This time you're right for sure, & you have to do what it takes to get your way. Consider investments carefully, but don't say no just because you think a better opportunity is coming. Decisive action will be rewarded.

As your star begins to shine more brightly, you won't be surprised to see recruitment offers start to come your way. The first hint will likely come in April, but you can expect to see others, so don't jump on it unless it's one of those life-changers that you just can't pass up. It is quite likely that you'll pick up a job or career tip from an unlikely source later in the year. Take pains to follow up on it, as it will yield some surprising & potentially quite profitable connections. You could set the stage for an exciting 2007.

OVERVIEW: Relationships, relationships, relationships. That's going to be your focus during the first half of 2006, particularly during January & February. If you're single, prepare to be approached by someone you've been seeing on an extremely casual basis -- someone who's ready to commit, & who hopes you're willing to do the same. If you're not quite ready, though, don't allow yourself to feel forced, manipulated or talked into it. If you're attached, expect to be proud of your choice & to end up even closer to your partner by the time summer rolls around. During the first three weeks of November, an old flame will reappear in your life, most likely asking for another shot. If you think you two really can come up with new solutions to those old problems, & you're interested, go for it. If not, bow out gracefully & see if you can't simply remain friends.

Throughout 2006, you'll need to keep an extra careful eye on your finances. Overspending will come easily to you, but if you give in to temptation, you'll have plenty of time to regret it -- especially if you overextend via plastic. In addition to keeping track of what you need to pay back & when, you should also put a bit of cash aside. You may need it for professional reasons around the end of March or the beginning of April. You should also keep an eye out for the possibility of turning a hobby into a part-time source of income -- at least part-time. The universe may be trying to nudge you into a whole new profession, & this could be just the beginning.

By early winter, if someone from out of town comes to you with an offer (and this someone happens to be quite interesting, exotic & influential), think hard before you automatically refuse it. This could be the one you've been waiting for. Above all else -- & in all departments -- trust your instinct. After all, when has it ever let you down?

LOVE: If nothing else, the first half of 2006 will be fantastic for your self-esteem. & it won't cost you a thing. There's no need for expensive counseling or self-help books when it seems like everyone around you is singing your praises. Revel in the unexpected recognition of your attributes & talents, & don't be surprised if romantic overtures accompany the hearty compliments.

In the relationship department, this situation could be exactly what you've been looking for -- or it might turn you off a certain overly enthusiastic individual forever. If you're single, you're likely to be approached by someone you'd never quite thought of as a serious prospect. The other person may feel far more passionately than you do. If you're not prepared for the exclusive relationship they propose, then respect your own instincts & don't allow yourself to be persuaded. The sweet talk can only last so long. If you've already got a special someone, showers of praise & material signs of affection from your partner certainly aren't going to hurt your relationship. Just make sure to accept the flattery with grace, & you'll feel incredibly close to your partner as the year progresses.

Later in the year, you may have to wean yourself from the unsolicited accolades. But don't worry -- you won't need verbal signs of affection when people's actions make their respect abundantly clear. You'll rack up admirers like other people collect fine bottles of wine. During the first three weeks of November, a blast from the past may surface. Even if this person isn't begging for another chance, they're probably testing the waters to see if you'd be willing to give it another go. Honestly ask yourself if you think things would be appreciably different; if the answer's no, retreat before any damage is done. In the early winter, look for a new face or even a foreigner to make an entrance into your life. You'll instantly recognize this person as friend or foe, so go with your gut when it comes to making decisions about the future.

CAREER: If you were in a shell for any part of 2005, the New Year brings the opportunity (and the obligation) to bust out & start schmoozing. The first couple of months will be pretty intense as you find yourself drawn into massive bouts of networking despite your usual proclivities -- you might even be the object of more than one recruiter. Use that common sense you are so famous for in evaluating all promises & claims, as at least one of these connections will offer more than they can deliver. Toward the end of the year, probably around mid-autumn, you will experience a wave of nostalgia for a long-ago work situation that you know deep down is irreplaceable.

As important as your work relationships will be throughout the year, you will find your relationship with money to be just as important to your career. Focus on spending, budgeting & cost-cutting as much as possible -- the more you save early on, the better off you & your organization will be at the end of the year. Remember the evils of the penny-wise/pound-foolish combination & try to avoid them when possible. Surpluses accrued in January & February can be safely spent by spring, as long as you don't rack up enormous deficits.

At some point in the fall, you might pick up a new part-time freelance gig that will take you in a wildly new direction if you let it. This new direction doesn't have to come from freelancing, nor does it have to be followed for any length of time. Listen to your gut & figure out what's really best for you in light of your long-range career goals, but don't think twice about revising those goals if you think they're off base. By the time winter is past & you're looking back on 2006, you will see that every time you said no to an opportunity, you made way for others to follow -- & that every time you said yes, you found something unexpected.

OVERVIEW: You're out for a real, honest-to-goodness emotional connection this year. That's first & foremost on your priority list. Fortunately, when it comes to prospective partners, you know what you like and, more importantly, what you don't like -- & during 2006, your perceptive abilities will be especially keen. If you're already attached, your emotions for your partner will deepen considerably as the year progresses, & from Halloween through the start of the New Year, you'll be amazed at how close you two become. There may even be cohabitation or marriage on the agenda as the year draws to a close.

If you're without a soul mate as 2006 begins, you'll be especially determined to find one this year, & you won't stop until you do. The actual 'interview' process will be quite streamlined compared to past attempts, thanks to your newfound (and almost psychic) ability to cut to the emotional chase, especially during January & February. When it comes to dating, you'll be able to tell whether you have a future with the person you're sitting across from within five minutes of the moment you say hello, smile your charming smile & unfold your napkin. & don't discount the possibility of 're-interviewing' someone you've already been involved with, by the way -- someone who seems quite different now. (And if it doesn't work out in January, they may ask to try it again in July.) If it's someone new you decide upon, the real fun will begin when you discover that they felt the same immediate connection you did. (You'll know! when you meet this person -- they're the one who puts that grin on your face, right from the get-go, whenever they're in the vicinity.)

When it comes to career matters, you'll be working hard -- really hard -- but you'll definitely see some serious rewards. The higher-ups in charge of your paycheck & your professional future will toss some 'atta boy/atta girl' sentiments your way during mid-March & late September, followed by the raise, promotion or bonus you've been aiming for. & don't be surprised if you end the year as a highly regarded authority figure yourself!

LOVE: When you plant a tree, it takes several years before it begins to bear fruit. Harvest season after harvest season passes with no sign of apples. If you've been waiting year after year for the kind of romantic connection you only read about in books, your patience is about to pay off. In other words, when apples finally appear on those boughs, there will be enough for pie -- & applesauce too.

When it comes to romantic partners, you've had plenty of time to figure out what you want. In 2006, your ability to discriminate between a bad apple & a good one -- & to tell a delicious varietal from the mealy types you grew up with -- will be especially keen. If you've already settled on someone you'd like to stay with for a long time, this will be the year you explore the permanent motivations & lasting basis for your passion. Parallels between you & your partner will be thrown into sharp relief, & the complementary differences between you two will become visible as well. You might think that finding the rational basis for a mystical connection will kill the romance, but in fact, the opposite will be true. Your emotional connection will deepen as the intellectual & instinctual aspects of your relationship begin to work in tandem.

If you haven't yet found a partner at the beginning of 2006, you're in for a very lucky year. However, you can't just expect prospective soul mates to come to you. A determined dating schedule in the winter will yield spectacular results, thanks to your ability to instantly identify the kind of partner who will suit you. It's also possible that someone you've been involved with in the past may ask to rekindle a connection that had fizzled out. Give it a try -- with your practically supernatural discernment, you'll be able to tell quickly whether the person deserves another chance. Once you find someone special, you'll be thrilled to find out that they felt the same visceral connection you did in the first moments of your meeting.

CAREER: You want to get serious about your work in a new way this year, & you should find myriad opportunities to do just that. It could be that you find a new job that meshes better with your deepest ideals or that you find a way to tweak your current responsibilities in such a way that you get more personal satisfaction from each day's work. The last two months of the year will be all about commitment -- & that's a two-way street. Give a little, get a little. The more you show your bosses you're with them for the long haul, the more latitude you'll get in return.

It's entirely possible that you will feel out of place at work as 2006 gets going though. If so, start looking for something new right away -- speed will yield more interesting possibilities for you than thoroughness. Your instincts will be sharp & almost feral as you scent out opportunities that others would miss entirely. You should be able to find something almost perfect by early March. Midsummer might bring an offer from an old employer; don't pass it up without thinking it through all the way. You might be able to get a lot out of a counterproposal, so don't be shy about asking for the Moon. Once you've made up your mind, you'll be able to settle right into your new environment as though you'd been there forever.

Through it all, you'll still have the same attitude toward day-to-day stuff: Get it done & forget about it. That's not to say you've got no long-range strategic vision, just that you won't be taking any more work home than you absolutely must. Look for props from above in spring & fall & for upward trends in your career movement all year long. If you play your cards right & feel comfortable in management, you could see a fat promotion come your way just as 2006 wraps up.

OVERVIEW: You've been carrying a secret around for some time now -- maybe even for months. It wasn't terribly oppressive to start with, but as the New Year begins, one of your resolutions will likely be to start fresh & let go of all emotional baggage, once & for all. Get it all out in the open by mid-January. At that point, an ex is extremely likely to call or email -- & not just to see how the cat's doing either. If you're attached now, you can expect to finally be able to make friends with that ex, even if just about everyone would have sworn it couldn't be done.

After all the clearing out you'll accomplish in early 2006, you'll be ready, willing & able to move on to more pleasant matters -- & more exciting ones too. Around mid-March, a lunar eclipse in your own sign will bring about a really big change in your love life. Not to worry: Given everything else that's on your astrological agenda, it can't help but be positive! In fact, no matter what you initiate at that time, you can expect it to bear fruit around the solar eclipse in late September. Oh, & if you're thinking about making some physical changes, plan to start a new diet or exercise program around either of those eclipses. These supercharged meetings of the Sun & Moon are famous for passing out energy, confidence & mega-determination. Invest that energy wisely, & you're pretty much guaranteed total & complete success -- mainly because you just won't stand for anything less.

When it comes to finances, things are looking good this year. Really good. Last year brought you luck & opportunities in that department, & you likely took advantage of it all. Of course, it took lots of hard work to make things happen -- but then, you've never been lazy, have you? As practical as you are, no one needed to remind you to stash a bit of last year's 'luck' away either. Now (with the possible exception of September & October, when you may be more prone to impulse-spending than usual) you can relax & enjoy the fruits of your labor. So if you want to go a bit overboard -- just a bit! -- or if there's someone in your life you'd really love to spoil, you won't have to worry about the bills this time around. Have a great year --you've certainly earned it all

LOVE: It's a year for releasing any unnecessary burdens that are holding you back & picking up new connections that you can carry joyfully into the New Year. At the beginning of 2006, think carefully about the parts of your life that are freely accessible to your friends & family, & the parts that you've kept hidden for whatever reason. A secret that once seemed harmless may be eating away at you, & January is the time to let it go & free up your energy for fresh connections. By the middle of the month, a former lover may make a surprise attempt to get back in contact with you. If you're presently in a relationship, don't pass up the valuable opportunity to achieve a real friendship with this person.

Once you've put musty relics from your old life behind you, you'll be ready to move on to exciting new developments. During the month of March, a lunar eclipse is likely to bring dramatic change or new faces to your love life. Don't let the prospect frighten you -- with all the positive momentum you're experiencing, there's no chance this evolution will take you anywhere but good places. No matter what road you head down, you'll fully come into your own by the solar eclipse at the end of September.

By the time autumn unfurls her leaves, you'll be exercising a whole new aspect of your personality, thanks to a partner who excites your senses like no one ever has before. It's as though you've been going through your life with your eyes closed, & suddenly you're plunged into a fairy-tale forest, where streams sing constant melodies in your ear & picturesque mosses hang over every branch of every tree. This person will be your guide through a landscape of unfamiliar but wholly positive emotions. Be sure to express the gratitude you feel. Sometimes it's hard to admit you don't have exclusive control over your own happiness, but it will be a pleasure to admit you owe some of your contentment to such a compassionate source.

CAREER: That ace up your sleeve will be nearing its expiration date as 2006 begins, so play it before it's too late. Start the year thinking about fresh starts & new opportunities -- you should be able to put the past behind you like never before. At the same time, it wouldn't hurt to check back in with old references to see how things are going while you move forward. You might recycle a fond old memory into a new chapter in your career, no matter how far you've come since. Sooner is better for all of this professional housekeeping, so try to take care of it by February.

Big changes, most of them positive, will come your way throughout the bulk of the year. The lunar eclipse in the middle of March will have an especially profound effect on your relationship with your employer (or clients, if you freelance). It is also a great time to start new projects -- including, if you're ready, a job search. Things won't move at great speed, but they will move inexorably forward until the fall, when you will start to see some serious returns on your investments. Make sure that you are engaging in due diligence regarding your body & health through this period, as it will be all too easy to forget those needs & slide into physical difficulties. If you can keep all your plates spinning through the spring & summer, you will be in great shape to reap the big rewards that will start to come in September.

You are all about the details, but this year will see you let go of some of the financial control that you are so good at -- because things are doing fine on their own. The streak of good fortune that began in 2005 continues through much of 2006, but you wouldn't dream of coasting. Building on your experience & assets, you'll be able to create something new & valuable if you apply yourself. Once things really start to pick up in the autumn, you will be tempted to invest more than you can afford. Make sure to tuck something away for the winter, just in case.

OVERVIEW: Home & family will keep you happily content & quite busy as the year begins -- straight through mid-March, at least. & you'll enjoy more than a bit of excitement in the romance department too, whether you're single or attached. The past few years have demanded that you learn to live with all kinds of surprises, so at this point, you're prepared to handle just about anything -- surprising you will be no easy task. Still, a set of eclipses in March could coincide with a rather startling discovery: A partner you trusted just about implicitly may not be handling their end of a joint financial situation with integrity. If that's the case, immediately take back any credit cards you're even partially responsible for -- & the checkbook too. Regardless of your financial situation at that time, you need to watch your finances like a hawk -- & that goes double for late November & December.

Just to make things even more interesting, there may be a bit of mystery & intrigue in your life around those same times, & a secret relationship could even surface. That doesn't mean you'll necessarily be involved -- not directly, anyway -- but you'll certainly be privy to quite a few tasty details, like it or not. You may quickly decide that it's time to let all parties concerned know exactly what's been going on, but it will likely take a while for you to build up the resolve to talk about the situation. Just be sure to do what you'd want others to do for you. Tell the person who's confided in you that you don't feel comfortable keeping their secret, & give them the chance to clear the air first.

Even with all these serious situations brewing around you, you'll have nothing to worry about. A pack of humorous & sociable energies will arrive in time to make November & December -- not to mention much of early 2007 -- a happy, prosperous time for you. You definitely have some cleaning house to do this year, & some of it may not be fun. But your determination to make positive changes & meet your goals (no matter how tough it is) will propel you through the process. Once it's over -- & it will fly by -- you'll have made a giant step toward a positive future, starting with a solid approach to 2007.

LOVE: You'll encourage, promote & enjoy domestic bliss for the beginning of the year, so break out the recipe books & practice some operatic arias during your vigorous cleaning sessions. Small steps toward wickedly funny or slightly offbeat decorations will keep your home a place of wonder & laughter for all who visit it. This deliciously homey aspect of your life will be matched by renewed flirtation that will have you giggling like a kid & spinning in circles. Embrace the generous goodwill between you & that friendly, good-looking flirt, & things will develop harmoniously. With looks & touches, you'll achieve impressive synergy & experience new understanding of those romance-novel cliches. Whether you're with a brand-new partner or someone familiar, January through March will spark great a! dventures, newfound devotion & shared jokes.

In March, though, a twisted little secret could explode upon you. You'll have all the information, but may need to gather up your gumption to reveal what must be told. Even when you're a trusted confidante, sometimes you must take matters into your own hands. Luckily, your sense of romantic justice will serve you well, & you'll be a role model who can dispense with the trouble & get right back to more lighthearted concerns. Nothing will get in the way of your love life this year, because you're super confident & full of charming, wacky enthusiasm.

Your openness to circumstance & to the people that surround you will get you through any troubles, & a loving relationship will spice up the home front even more, later in the year. When a flock of friends descend for the holidays in November & December, you'll be able to let your partner give the toasts & speak to you between the lines. With your domestic bent & your amour's spontaneity, life will shape up & move you toward making & achieving even the most ambitious romantic goals for next year.

CAREER: The workplace will be abuzz with new procedures & personnel -- & maybe even a reorg -- during the first two months of this year. You should enjoy it quite a bit, as you're truly in your element dealing with interpersonal relations. Something surprising might develop between you & a supervisor, especially around the middle of March, & you could find yourself filling a radically different role in the organization. Financial issues will require extra attention throughout the year, & you will find it more difficult than usual to convince others of their responsibilities. It might be necessary to seize control of spending late in the year if you want to avoid departmental ruin.

Sometime this spring, expect to get a hushed recruitment offer or to take part in secret negotiations with multiple parties. The whole cloak-and-dagger routine will start to wear on you pretty quickly, as it really just isn't your style, & after a while you might want to orchestrate a few strategic leaks to bring it all out in the open. No matter what happens, you will come out slightly ahead & will see that you were correct: The secrecy was unwarranted. Work hard to acknowledge & satisfy all parties, no matter how you feel about them going into the situation. You can indeed do well by doing good.

Your customer base should grow a fair amount late in the year & keep growing through at least spring of 2007. Workplace morale will grow along with it, & you will enjoy positive attention from above for helping to make this happen. Overall you'll see plenty of challenges this year, meet them head-on & win praise for your efforts -- even after those rare times you don't succeed. It's a great time for your career advancement, so try to always have an eye on your personal goals, even as you help your team & your clients meet theirs.

OVERVIEW: You won't easily forget 2005, Scorpio, for a host of mostly positive reasons, & 2006 will be much the same. In fact, right from the start -- thanks to a burst of energy straight from Jupiter -- you'll be active, busy & amazingly passionate. The best part is that just about everyone (including & especially the powers that be) will be not only open to your ideas, but also eager & anxious to know what's on your mind & in your heart. For the first two months of the year, you'll be able to talk just about anyone into just about anything -- even if you've already tried & failed in the past. Keep that in mind, regardless of whether your aims are personal, platonic or professional. Basically, you'll be logically lethal until the middle of March; even then, the odder the situation, the easier it will be for you to present it to anyone & everyone as perfectly normal. Right around the solar eclipse at the end of March, you may even be able to talk someone in! to sponsoring a venture that will put you in charge of your own business. Needless to say, finances won't be terribly difficult for you to manage for most of 2006 -- your superiors will be practically in love with you, & even more infatuated with your work performance.

Speaking of infatuation, be careful during September & October. A 'casual' flirtation could turn into something far more serious around that time. Of course, if you're single & the feelings are mutual, forget being casual -- be intense! (It's your specialty, after all.) If you're happily attached, be even more intense. Your partner will be delighted to get closer to you, to listen to your deepest thoughts & secret emotions, & to share their own, as well.

In addition to giving of yourself, you'll want to give back in other ways toward the end of the year. If you're inclined to spoil your loved ones with material things, especially during December, think of what your mailbox may be filled with come February. Instead of objects, fill your life & the lives of everyone around you with enriching experiences.

LOVE: The past year has been stimulating & fabulous, & your momentum will carry you right into even more passionate encounters in 2006. Just as having money is the easiest way to make money, you'll discover that your excess of happiness & love will attract even more delectable events & circumstances. You'll be able to tackle odd obstacles & woo even those who may have turned you down in the past. With friends, romantic prospects & lovers, you'll find that you wield ironclad logic that will convince them to let you be the one in charge. You'll feel like you're walking through fields full of admirers, which will give you an even greater feeling of confidence & sexiness. That positive feedback loop will keep you thrilled.

But you'll have to be careful. All that power can be misused, so be attentive in the fall as a casual flirtation turns superheated. From teasing words to passionate avowals, you'll find a relationship transformed -- it could be with your partner, with someone you're infatuated with or with someone you don't even like. So if you're involved in a relationship with someone else, or just don't like the other person, end things early. If the feelings are mutual & you're not otherwise committed, take the opportunity to dive off the deep end & embrace a seriously intense bout of attention & adventure. If you're lucky enough to be re-infatuated with your existing partner, a whole new love life will result as your intensity sets you both aflame.

That confident, suave manner of yours, paired with your charmingly childish lack of pretension, will let you be goofy & playful even when you're swimming in deep waters. Your balanced relationships will be the envy of all your friends. Just rely on your knack for shaping experiences into memorable, fun adventures, & nothing will get in the way of pursuing & attaining the partner you desire.

CAREER: You will ring in the New Year on a seriously positive note, & feel more committed than ever to your work & your career. You'll receive a burst of expansive energy that will surprise you with its focused intensity but thrill you nonetheless. Your powers of persuasion will be amplified dramatically, & if you're not currently in sales, you will find yourself leaning in that direction with interesting results. Everyone you meet on the job will hear what they want to hear, & you won't even have to think too hard about it. March is a good time to solicit investments or line up board members, if that's your thing; it is also a great time for you to go freelance if you've been itching to try your hand at a new approach. Let others handle financial issues -- they won't be that important this year, an! d you will have bigger & better things on your mind.

Workplace romance could strike sometime in the fall, thanks to a weirdly powerful solar eclipse in September that gets everyone's feelings mixed up. If you're open to it, jump in & have a good time. If you'd rather stay focused on your current partner (or anything else, for that matter), there's no harm done. Regardless, you will find yourself getting along splendidly with everyone at work, from vendors to supervisors to cubemates. One or more of those folks will single you out for formal praise in the fall, so try to look surprised.

Assets & inventory-control might poke into your consciousness a little bit toward the end of the year, but try not to let yourself be too troubled by it all. Think big, & focus on customer experience to the exclusion of almost all else. If a crisis develops (and what December doesn't bring a crisis of some sort?), you'll need to step up, of course -- but don't let your big-picture strategic goals fall by the wayside. Your vision will make 2007 even better than this year.

OVERVIEW: You've never been the type to stay put for long -- not literally, figuratively or any other way. & for most of 2006, you'll amaze even yourself with the changes you'll make! First of all, you'll be a veritable paragon of self-control when it comes to finances (and not as the result any threats, real or implied, from accountants, parents, authority figures or IRS agents). Don't worry, it's not symptomatic of a total personality shift. It's just one of those subtle learning experiences the universe tosses our way every now & then. So learn!

When a parade of far too 'coincidental' events & encounters begins marching by you in January, February & March, you'll instantly recognize their common denominator & their collective meaning: Your personal priority list needs to be reorganized, & by mid-2006 you can expect it to become top-heavy with loving relationships & meaningful experiences. You'll safeguard your personal integrity even more rabidly through your world-famous, up-front honesty. Things -- anything with a price tag -- will be at the bottom of that list, which doesn't mean that you'll never again whip out a charge card & feel that delightful tingle. But you'll be safe until the tail end of the year. (At that point, consider rehiring last year's chaperone to accompany you on any & all shopping trips, or to baby-sit you if you get the Home Shopping Network.)

Your second source of personal astonishment in 2006 will be even more striking. You, the most freedom-oriented of all zodiacal creatures, may want to settle down this year. Yes, really -- with one person, romantically. If you're already with that person, just keep doing what you're doing. You'll be quite content to spend most of the year in their company & in their company alone, hibernating in your comfy clothes & snuggling up on the couch, working your way through a stack of videos. This should be mandatory.

If you're single & hunting for a soul mate, step up the pace a notch or two from mid-February to mid-April, especially around the solar eclipse at the end of March. Be extra attentive again during May & June (when you'll hear a foreign accent you just can't walk past), & after late November. Needless to say, prepare to make the rounds during those end-of-year celebrations -- & get ready for a great 2007!

LOVE: You've never been what some might call 'set in your ways,' & this year, you'll be making even more dramatic changes than usual. What's truly different about your orientation toward the world in 2006, however, is that the alterations you're making will feel definitive, especially when it comes to romance. You're changing, but it's not for the sake of change itself. It's because you've finally set your sights on the person you want to be -- & perhaps even the person you want to be with too. Now that you've got your lodestar, navigating the tumultuous waters of your life will be easier.

In the first three months of the year, a series of almost fated encounters will remind you that other people are in your life for a reason, & that the health of your relationships is as crucial to your happiness as money or personal possessions. That's not to say that you'll be completely disinterested in material wealth this year. You'll continue to spend your hard-earned money, but you'll be more likely to use it to buy gifts for others.

Another shift this year may be even more shocking to the people who know you best. With your free spirit, no one ever pegged you as the type to settle down. But this year, when you follow your heartstrings, you may find that they lead to one person in particular. You'll find romance in the most mundane activities, as long as you're in this person's presence. From sharing the morning paper to turning the thermostat down at night, the smallest routines will take on added significance. Be sure to take time out for 'dates' as well, even if that just means staying at home to enjoy a roaring fire & a long cuddle on the couch.

If you're still searching for that perfect match, 2006 looks promising. Keep your eyes open from the middle of February the middle of April, especially around the eclipse in March. If those results fizzle, you have another great chance for love in early summer, & yet another in late November.

CAREER: When you make a change, it's usually quite a big one. Expect lots of those big changes throughout the year as you follow your restless heart into something new, time & again -- you could be driving a reorg or diving into a new career, but whatever happens will be thoroughly exciting. One thing that should not trouble you in the least is finance. You'll find a way to pay for whatever changes you make; in fact, your rigor with money will be a model for others to follow. Experiment with anything that interests you, & you'll close out the year on a high note. Spring & winter are the best times for making the transition into a new job or career.

You will see patterns in the first quarter of the year that nobody else seems able to discern, & this will give you a major leg up in your dealings with competitors. You might even end up so far ahead that you can coast through the rest of the year dealing with issues that used to be secondary to your job. It's a pretty good time for a sabbatical or a leave of absence -- or anything else that refocuses your attention on matters that are deeply important to you. If that's the path you follow, just be wary of overspending late in the year.

The changes you are making (and experiencing passively) will eventually start to wear you out a little, & you might look to a part of your life that you can rely on for stability. You could find this at work through personal relationships with colleagues or customers or through ongoing responsibilities that are unlikely to develop beyond their current parameters. In a change from years past, you will find this much less boring than relaxing & will experience it as something to look forward to during increasingly turbulent times. That combination of low-stress activities with big-deal transformations will yield spectacular results.

OVERVIEW: With Saturn -- heavenly purveyor of many sought-after qualities like integrity, responsibility & discipline -- as your ruler, you're an inspiration to everyone around you. So whether your current companion is by your side for platonic, professional or romantic reasons this year won't really matter. They'll just be proud to be with you. & while you're not ordinarily fond of the spotlight, you'd better try to get used to it, because it will be just about impossible to avoid. In fact, the attention, admiration & applause of the masses will be around every corner for you this year -- & it's your own darned fault.

You began working hard to achieve your professional goals (especially that reputation for fairness & benevolence) around late summer 2005. The response from coworkers & higher-ups has been terrific ever since, but don't forget that all this has happened for one reason: because you've put in the time & effort to make it happen. But 2005 was really just practice -- 2006 is your year to shine. Don't you dare try to avoid the accolades!

In other news, you'll also have plenty of romantic opportunities to pursue this year. You're due to meet someone -- or finally notice someone -- in January or February. This particular someone will be entertaining, magnetic & spontaneous enough to keep you interested for a good long time. (It's a good thing, too, because you're definitely not in the mood for games.) If you're happily attached, keeping it that way won't be tough at all, especially from April through August. You & your sweetie will probably be getting along so well, in fact, that you may temporarily disappear from your social circle's 'active' list. Oh well. It's good to hibernate every now & then -- especially when puttering around together in your PJs sounds far better than taking a chauffeured limo ride to the opera. All in all, life will be good, thanks to your number one squeeze -- & you've certainly earned it. Kick back & enjoy the fruits o! f your labor & the company of your loved ones. Then, with your unselfish motives intact, get out there & spread your blessings around!

LOVE: Even when you're not in the spotlight, the people in the know really look up to you. This year, that respect won't just be restricted to the in-crowd -- your positive reputation will precede you wherever you go. As far as romance goes, that reputation can be either a blessing or a curse. On the one hand, it's great that other people automatically believe you to be honest, & your straightforward style can be highly attractive. On the other hand, your integrity might intimidate potential lovers who feel like they can't live up to your lofty ideal. Make it a personal goal to set people around you at ease. The more you let people see the real you, the more they will be comfortable relaxing & acknowledging the foibles that come with being human.

Romantic opportunities are springing up everywhere this year, even in the winter when it seems like most people are keeping to themselves. Don't be surprised if you meet someone promising early in 2006 -- you'll be especially magnetic during the months of January or February. Keep an eye out for someone whose conversations are varied & endlessly entertaining. If you can't predict what this person is going to say next, you'll be fascinated for a very long time. Best of all, their views will have a subtle but discernable effect on your own. You're not the dull, immutable person your jealous detractors make you out to be.

If you've already chosen a romantic companion, this year will bring delightful new surprises about the person you thought you knew inside & out. From April through August, you're due for some intense mutual discoveries & a lot of face time with your loved one. Whether it's spare moments stolen from work or a weeklong romantic getaway to an isolated spot, every minute with this person will feel memorable & precious. It's okay to bid farewell to your friends for a few months -- they'll understand once they see how the two of you glow when you're in each other's presence.

CAREER: 2006 is a great time for you to go public, even if you'd rather just get on with the day-to-day tasks of building your business & career. Try to absorb the lesson that the heavens will bring in March: that anyone, on any level, can benefit from a little public exposure. Your career horizons will expand quickly & dramatically if you follow up on this, & your teammates & customers will profit from their connection to you. Don't worry too much about artificially creating media opportunities -- they will create themselves when you're around.

You've got a well-deserved reputation for working hard & playing by the rules, so don't be surprised if folks at all levels of your organization take time out to praise you & ask for advice on all manner of topics. Give freely of yourself, but make sure you've got time to keep pushing on your own work. The more you interact with your colleagues, the closer you will get to your next career milestone, so don't close that door unless you're on deadline. Practice accepting compliments with aplomb, as they'll be coming whether you're ready or not.

Your personal life will realign itself for the better early in the year, & that will certainly help you get your job done during the day. Simultaneously, you will either be recruited or find a new job opportunity that might be too sweet to pass up. You won't feel like playing both sides against each other, but your sense of fairness will require that you keep things out in the open. From late spring through the summer, you should be extremely happy with whatever decision you reach, & even after that you'll know that you did the right thing. Toward the end of the year, you'll be able to coast a little & enjoy some personal time to do whatever interests you most -- working in the community, bonding with family or even building up your job skills.

OVERVIEW: Ever since last summer, you've noticed something rather unusual: When it comes to both finances & romance, you've become extremely disciplined -- with what feels like little or no effort on your part & virtually no prodding from your loved ones either. It's unusual because this type of behavior does not correspond to your usual 'technique,' which is to spend what you've earned (on paper, anyway) well before you actually have the check in hand. By the end of February 2006, however, you'll find that you've managed to tuck a few dollars away -- not just on paper, but in physical reality too.

That little nest egg will come in quite handy during the first few months of 2006. Even though you're being good with money lately, you'll tend to be impulsive in all categories at that time -- which makes you a veritable magnet for the unexpected. That goes for unexpected expenses too, so look for things like car repairs, home repairs or dear friends with urgent financial problems. Now that you know, start planning for these contingencies, which can be expected at the beginning or end of March, or during the first week of September. & don't be surprised when a call, email or visit announces that someone you love needs help. Just be sure you really are helping them, not enabling them to continue down an unhealthy path. You know the difference.

Now, back to romance -- & how self-sufficient you've become in that department. In July, you should expect your newfound independence to be tested by the reappearance of an ex-lover or spouse -- someone who'll quite obviously be wondering whether they might have a second shot at the title. If you're (still) interested, be sure you have new solutions to old problems, & that your potential partner is willing to try just as hard as you are to work things out. If not, just keep pursuing that sweet autonomy you've been enjoying & cruise into 2007 with your independence going strong!

LOVE: In the past year, you learned to discipline yourself & see reality for what it is. That applies to your love life in that you will suddenly find yourself living in reality instead of fantastical, bizarre & impossible imaginary worlds. Like a yogi or a dog trainer, you've acquired practical transcendence that allows you to manipulate reality (and your own perceptions) & move toward your desired results. & you find that the new, sharp edges of life have a different appeal.

Your newfound sense of personal discovery & the steps you've been taking toward living a real life with real reactions to real situations will make you feel independent. Occasionally, especially toward the beginning of the year, this may lead you to act out impulsively. Because you're so in touch with your own desires & cravings, you'll react quickly to situations that hadn't bothered you before. For instance, if someone has been flirting with you & you aren't really interested, you might just tell them to move on. Or perhaps you've been annoyed by a loved one's signature quirk, & you'll finally announce an ultimatum. This impetuousness may startle some, particularly those who have a romantic interest in you. But like most explorers, you won't care about other people's reactions, so long as you can keep on with the journey

Someone from your past will reenter your life in July. If you feel that you've changed enough to handle old problems in new (and more useful) ways, then assess your own interest level to see if it's worth pursuing. Take their admiration as the compliment it is, even if you can't imagine the situation changing enough to permit renewed romance. There's plenty of excitement in the single life, & that luscious independence will carry you through. But if you still feel strongly about this person, & both of you are willing to try new approaches, then go for it with abandon.

CAREER: What happened to the eccentric genius, the idea person who wasn't quite as reliable as everyone else? You've laid that image to rest & shocked your peers by combining your high-flying creativity with a down-to-earth practicality that is chewing up projects & spitting out results. This newfound sense of structure & discipline will carry you into & through 2006 & make life much easier than it used to be. Your understanding of financial issues has increased & will continue to do so throughout the year. Look to multiply assets before the first day of spring.

Your old style will continue to leak through every now & then, though, & you might surprise yourself by making big decisions impulsively. That should work out fine except when it comes to the budget, so use that brainpower you are so famous for to devise systems to rein in your spending. If it takes a cosigner or a lockbox, so be it -- you must keep yourself from knocking out your accounts before the end of the fiscal year. The early part of the year is a good time for planning; expect to need extra resources in March & early September as surprise expenses pop up. A partner or ally will call for assistance in the spring or summer, & you will need to step up & do your best to do right by them. If all goes well, you will come out far ahead.

Old customers, clients, bosses & colleagues will be on the periphery of your attention through much of the year. Some will return to their old roles, some will ask you to return to yours & others will just check in & say hello. There is no need to accommodate anyone at the expense of your career or deadlines, so be prepared to say no more often than you may like. Those old connections will most likely remind you of how far you have come & reinforce your commitment to your personal career goals.

OVERVIEW: One of the things that matters most to you is keeping your promises. That will go double in early 2006, as a friend will undoubtedly rely on you for something quite important. You've reassured them for months now that they have nothing to worry about, but as soon as the year begins, you'll have a chance to prove that your word truly is your bond.

At the same time -- & straight through mid-March -- you'll also find that several high-ranking, influential coworkers & authority figures will be looking to you to follow through on your word. They may even need a bit more of a commitment from you. Not to worry though. The heavens will be more than happy to help you keep on task, & you'll be rewarded for your honesty, integrity & hard work in a very big way. Sit tight, do everything exactly as you know you should & prepare to experience a wonderful feeling: well-earned, justified pride in yourself.

Obviously, after all that hard work & discipline, you'll be more than ready to have some serious fun -- & the universe has some of that in mind for you too. You'll have all kinds of chances to do some long-distance traveling this year, & if there's any way at all that you can make a reality of one of those trips, don't pass it up. You've probably been itching either to go home for a visit or to return to a place you've always loved. Do it now, & take your favorite travel buddy along. (Just be sure to carry everything you need right on your person, in case of luggage delays or other annoyances.)

If you feel like a relationship is changing -- & not for the worse, so don't worry -- you could well be 100 percent right. Things between you & a certain someone will deepen considerably by the end of the year, if not before. If you don't already have someone in mind, a family member may introduce you to a potential sweetie -- someone they've been telling you is 'just perfect' for you -- around the end of July. You may have to put up with an I-told-you-so after a few weeks, but if things are going along that well, grin & bear it. It will be well worth it when you take a look around you by New Year's & realize that you've got everything you could possibly wish for

LOVE: Cupid will reward you for this year of personal discovery & good behavior -- you've been paying all your dues & working hard! In all, your pride in your work will give you a sense of calm assurance that will be extremely appealing to that special someone. The universe will be tossing you opportunities for fun all year long, leaving you laughing & full of quirky stories that will keep anyone intrigued.

If you are single in the midst of swimsuit season, be open to blind dates set up by those you trust, because it's quite likely that one of those awkward moments could turn into a deep & joyful relationship. Sure, you'd have to put yourself on the line -- but with the rest of your life going so swimmingly, it's a small thing to risk! Besides, your success at work & your loving friends will keep you busy & make you even more desirable.

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