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Small things to make some big changes

1. While travelling intercity, use mass transportation. Each single deck bus can take a minimum load of 55 sitting and 15 standees, that makes 70 people, just imagine the traffic situation if each of these people were to use an Autorickshaw from any of the surburban railway stations to get home. How many times I have seen buses going half full..... Because we all need our privacy.

2. Take a Bag along whenever you Shop, make it a habbit. Remember, each of the Plastic bags you take will not bio-degrade for at least 250 yrs! We will go down in history as a civilisation which has left behind loads of plastics. Even when going on picnics, avoid packed food in plastics, take fresh food or fruits. Many of the shopkeepers resent giving plastics, help them out. God knows how many 100s of plastic bags I've avoided using & convinced my folks to refrain from using in the past few years.

3. Use Diyas for Diwali instead of burning crackers and fireworks, diyas last longer & they are a true salute to this festival of lights, they burn silently all night long without any noise & pollution, they look pretty as well. They cost a fraction, & help the cause of the villagers making them.

4. Use vegetable peels for your potted plants, they add to the value of the soil, prevent water loss & reduce the garbage. Use the waste water for the plants.

5. Keep the water taps shut when not needed during shaving or brushing in the mornings, statistics show that if each of us mumbaikars could do this it would save millions of litres or water monthly saving our money in return which is being spent on heavily subsidising clean water, which we take for granted.

6. I would strongly recommend using alternative sources of energy like Biogas & Solar/wind power but I still have to experiment with these. It takes a lot of convincing to do to start a project like this. People think youre crazy, but India leads the world with China in Biogas technology. In wind energy we are among the best in the world but the technology is still expensive.

Always remember that our weakest point is that we tend to believe that as individuals we cannot make any difference & we are losing a battle. The battle is lost infact if we fall into this category of believers.

Via: Forward.

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